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Watercolor sheep in field

Wool Facts

Merino wool is soft, squishy, and very warm without being scratchy. 

It is a natural, renewable fiber which means one sheep can grow four to five pounds of wool per year. It helps regulate body temperature, transports sweat away as a vapor, cancels out odors, and is biodegradable. Merino fibers are inherently porous. They’re composed of little plates that moisture vapor can get in between—meaning you're not left feeling wet, cold, and clammy after enjoying all manner of outdoor activites.

Wool Care Instructions

To help the longevity of your handknit hat:

  • Remove faux fur pom. If your pom needs some reviving, gently comb it with a clean comb or on the cool setting of your hair dryer, blow dry it to remove any creases and give it some fluff.

  • Handwash in cold water and a mild detergent. I use a special no-rinse wool wash called SOAK which I highly recommend.

  • Gently roll in a dry towel to remove excess water. Never wring or squeeze.

  • Reshape and lay flat to dry.

  • If you have fuzzies, use a fabric shaver or sweater comb, and gently shave off the fuzzies.

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